Incredibles Disposable 3g (6ct)


Bring well known dispensary brands into your store with Incredibles! Incredibles come from national cannabis operator, Green Thumb, and are powered by URB’s Delta 8 and 9. Incredibles are the best selling edibles in Illinois dispensaries and have won several awards nation wide.

Grape Escape – Relaxed – Drift into tranquility with the Grape Escape 3ML disposable vape, featuring the soothing Grandaddy Purple strain and the rich essence of grapes.

Frozen Mint Mojito – Focused – Experience the refreshing coolness of Frozen Mint Mojito, blending Kush Mintz and Blue Dream strains for a revitalizing sensation.

Lemon Lift-Off – Celebrate – Unleash the vibrancy of Lemon Lift-Off, a fusion of Super Lemon Haze and Jack strains with a burst of citrus delight.

Snoozzze Berry – Sleepy – Drift into a tranquil slumber with Snoozzzeberry, a soothing blend of Blueberry Haze and the comforting essence of blueberries.

Pineapple Express – Social Butterfly – Immerse yourself in the tropical allure of Pineapple Express, our 3ML disposable vape designed to enhance your charm and engagement in social settings.