Urb Cartridge – 2.2g (6ct)


A blend of pure delta 8 THC and fresh frozen hydrocarbon extracted hemp.  Available in an upgraded 2.2 gram cartridge.  Longer usage with a sleek, branded design.

Kiwi Berry Kush – Classic notes of berry and sour kiwi makes Kiwi Berry Kush a citrusy go-to.

Northern Lights – This spicy, herbal and sweet Northern Lights blend is perfect for any earthy craving.

Neon Nerdz – Light up your taste buds with the fruity notes of strawberry, grape and berry in Neon Nerds.

Gremlin Glue – This flavorful combination of plum, pear and chestnut in Gremlin Glue creates a delightful aroma.

Banana Runtz – Enjoy delicate tropical flavors with a deep, earthy balance when indulging in Banana Runtz.

Pineapple Cookies – This unique combination of bright pineapple and buttery vanilla in Pineapple Cookies will bring you to a flavor oasis.

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