VLN Cigarettes (CTN)


Made from an all American whole leaf tobacco blend that contains 22nd Century Group’s proprietary reduced nicotine plant genetics. VLN® is the product of over 20 years of research and development, and over 50+ clinical studies conducted by leading Universities, Health Agencies, and Regulatory bodies. VLN® contains 95% less nicotine and is designed to be deliberately different than conventional cigarettes. In December 2021, the FDA authorized VLN® cigarettes as the only cigarettes that greatly reduce your nicotine consumption, which helps you smoke less.

True smoking satisfaction.

VLN® King and VLN® Menthol King smoke, smell, and taste like conventional cigarettes and use 22nd Century’s U.S. grown tobacco which has 95% less nicotine straight from the plant. For decades, Big Tobacco has manipulated, produced, and marketed products with the intention to create and sustain addiction to nicotine. For the past two decades, 22nd Century’s world-class scientists have been working on a product that is the exact opposite, to help you smoke less: a product that is intentionally designed to not create or sustain nicotine addiction.

22nd Century Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: XXII)

XXII is a leading agricultural biotechnology company focused on tobacco harm reduction, reduced nicotine tobacco and improving health and wellness through plant science. With dozens of patents allowing it to control nicotine biosynthesis in the tobacco plant, the Company has developed proprietary reduced nicotine content (RNC) tobacco plants and cigarettes, which have become the cornerstone of the FDA’s Comprehensive Plan to address the widespread death and disease caused by smoking. 22nd Century uses modern plant breeding technologies, including genetic engineering, gene-editing, and molecular breeding to deliver solutions for the life science and consumer products industries by creating new, proprietary plants with optimized alkaloid and flavonoid profiles as well as improved yields and valuable agronomic traits.

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