Jeeter THCA Disposable 3g (6ct)


Introducing the highly anticipated collaboration between Jeeter and Urb!

The newly engineered 3ML disposable is here. The device features a signature Jeeter button with both preheat and variable voltage settings for a customizable user experience.

Grape Jelly Donut – A potent burst of grape, like stepping into a vineyard at the height of the grape harvest. As you delve deeper, the sweet and tangy notes of berries emerge, creating a delightful complexity paired with subtle earthy undertones.

Tangerine Sunrise – A vibrant and invigorating strain that brings together the zesty goodness of citrus, the tropical sweetness of pineapple, and the tangy aroma of ripe oranges.  This Sativa strain is like a burst of sunshine in your senses.

Strawberry Mochi –  An irresistible hybrid strain bursting with sweet strawberries and inviting notes of vanilla.  The golden sweetness of honey weaves through to add a hint of earthy sweetness

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